• The story of Stitches

    Stitches with friends 

    A few years ago, UK HealthCare's Kentucky Children's Hospital was in search of a new special friend to help in the community. Dr. Tim Bricker* set out with his team members to find a new friend for all the hospital's special children. They searched and searched, but could not find the perfect fit for the hospital.

    The team decided to reach out to the community for special help. Patients and children from across Kentucky were asked to search through the deep woods to find a new, furry friend.

    An 11 year-old boy from Nicholasville, Ky., finally found a perfect match. It just so happened that University of Kentucky's Mascot, Scratch, had a cousin born in Kentucky. The baby kitten had no family in sight and needed a home. Scratch was surprised a long-lost family member was found and wished there was a place for the new kitten at the University of Kentucky.

    X-Ray StitchesThe boy believed the kitten was perfect and brought the search team to meet his new, furry friend. "I named it Stitches" the boy proclaimed. "Scratch really wants to help his baby cousin! Isn't Stitches perfect for the hospital?"

    Dr. Bricker and many others at the hospital were very inviting. They asked Stitches to be a part of the team right away. They needed Stitches' help immediately because Kentucky Children's Hospital was about to get a new name. Kentucky Children's Hospital became a new hospital, not only with a new name, but also with a new friend.

    Stitches has been a terrific part of our team ever since. Please find our cuddly, furry friend at the hospital and in the community. Be sure to give Stitches a big hug when you see him!

    *Dr. Bricker, former professor and Children's Miracle Network Endowed Chair, department of pediatrics, University of Kentucky College of Medicine and physician-in-chief of Kentucky Children's Hospital.

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