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Making a Difference, Summer, 2016 coverMaking a Difference, Summer 2016

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Making a Difference, Summer 2015

Making a Difference Summer 2015
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Surviving & thriving. Teen and her family are grateful they could find highly specialized care locally.

When the doctor becomes the patient. Hyden physician lives to tell about the benefits of networked care.

Pro golfer finds help for Parkinson’s. Indiana golfer rallies his own resources and those of friends to fight back.

UK HealthCare at Turfland. New facility offers convenience for UK Family & Community Medicine patients and others.


Making a Difference, Summer 2014

Making a Difference Summer 2014
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More options than you think.  Today’s cancer treatment offers options that even surprise a nurse.

Minutes from a devastating stroke.  Doctors retrieve a clot from a young woman’s brain just in time.

Better than expected.  Heroic effort is made to save a young girl’s leg.

UK HealthCare at Turfland.  New, larger primary care clinic to open on Harrodsburg Road.


Making a Difference, Spring 2013

Making a Difference Spring 2013
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Specialty team attacks cancer.  Rare, aggressive bone cancer requires quick, aggressive treatment.

Twenty-six week run.  Pediatric critical care transport, advanced life support save premature twins.

'The widow maker'  When minutes count, heart outreach is the difference.

New retail pharmacy. Chandler hospital to offer convenient bedside service.

Making a Difference Spring 2012 cover

Making a Difference, Spring 2012

Making a Difference Spring 2012
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Sudden impact.  When every moment counted.

'I've got a life now, and I'm going to live it!'  Grandmother finds relief from congestive heart failure.

Slow your thinking.  A tongue cancer patient shares his story.

We are thankful.  Donating the gift of life.


Making a Difference, Spring 2011

Making a Difference Spring 2011
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'Adopt-a-Milton' sends hope, love to injured UK colleague.

Child's puzzling paralysis diagnosed and cured by UK doctors.

Kidney transplant the perfect birthday gift.

Highlights of new hospital pavilion showcased. 

Difference Summer 2010

Making a Difference, Summer 2010

Making a Difference Summer 2010
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Everything comes together to save a teen's life.

Timely diagnosis saves baby from disease damage.

SBRT treatment brings hope to lung cancer patient.

New Chandler Emergency Department opens July 14.

Difference Summer 2008

Making a Difference, Summer 2008

Making a Difference Summer 2008
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Back on his feet. A father goes from paralyzed to healthy thanks to UK HealthCare's expertise.

Fighting heart failure. A heart failure patient beats the odds and thrives.

Speaking of surgery. Delicate microvascular surgery saves an alum's ability to speak.

Faces behind the voices. UK HealthCare employees share their stories in recorded messages now heard by callers placed on hold. 

Difference Summer 2007

Making a Difference, Summer 2007

Making a Difference Summer 2007
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Returning a boy's smile. Pediatric dentists save a young man's teeth.

Looking after the family. Two UK nurses rallied co-workers and took care of a co-worker's family as if it were their own.

Hip replacement. A new type of hip replacement combined with unique expertise enables a London police officer to return to the force.

Difference Winter 2008

Making a Difference, Winter 2008

Making a Difference Winter 2008
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A new heart for a new mom. A young mom inspires extraordinary acts of caring.

An anniversary to remember. Frankfort couple finds Chandler Emergency to be a welcome surprise.

Life without seizures. Brain surgery gives woman a life she only dreamed of.

Cooking for special diets. Recipes for those with heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Difference Summer 2006

Making a Difference, Summer 2006

Making a Difference Summer 2006
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Transplanted friendship. Amelia Brown was in the prime of her life, but her liver was mysteriously failing - until UK HealthCare solved the mystery.

ALS can't silence her. Mary Lou Smith talks about how Dr. Edward Kasarskis and his team put her at ease.

The Markey Cancer Center. Myeloma patient Kelly Colson's experience at this warm and welcoming place of healing.

Cystic fibrosis: An adult disease now. Learn how UK HealthCare's staff has helped Anne McMahan surpass the average life expectancy for a person living with cystic fibrosis.


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