Med-Peds Clinic (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) Fact Sheet

Specialists for Adults and Children

The doctors at our Med-Peds Clinic have unique training because they are board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics. This allows them to care for both routine and complicated health problems in patients of all ages. They are exceptionally suited to provide quality care for newborns, infants and children with chronic and complicated illnesses. Our doctors are able to care for patients while they are young and continue caring for them throughout their entire lives.

The Med-Peds Clinic is currently accepting new patients of all ages.


  • Complete family care
  • Annual physical exams for children and adults
  • Comprehensive medical care from infancy to adulthood

Clinic physicians

In our clinic, you will be seen by a resident physician. The residents are physicians who are receiving advanced training in internal medicine and pediatrics. All residents are supervised by attending physicians who are board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics.

All of our patients have two physicians who collaborate on their care. This extra attention allows our physicians to spend more time with our patients, providing optimal care.

Attending and resident physicians

Attending physicians are responsible for leading and supervising the care team. These physicians have completed medical school and three to nine years of post-medical school training in a specialty. Resident physicians have completed medical school and are licensed to practice medicine. They have completed one or two years of post-medical school training and are pursuing subspecialty training in internal medicine and pediatrics. Residents work under the direction of the attending physician.

Our physicians and care providers

Attending Physicians 

Resident Physicians 

  • Matt Bacon, MD
  • Wendy Ballenger, DO
  • Joseph Brown, MD
  • Margaret Disselkamp, MD
  • Amanda Foxx, MD
  • Heidi Frazier, MD
  • Carrie Gaby, MD
  • Patrick Hadorn, DO
  • Erin Johnson, MD
  • Erin Marcotsis, MD
  • Jay Meehan, MD
  • Stephanie Misciasci, MD
  • Candice Olechowski, MD
  • Megan Powell, MD
  • Justin Purdy, MD
  • John Romond, MD
  • Amanda Smith, MD
  • Tony Smith, MD
  • Gena Teutsch, MD
  • Kelli Trent, MD
  • Andy Usery, MD
  • Priya Veeraraghaven, MD
  • Mark Wurth, MD, PhD

Nursing Staff

  • Juanita Clay, LPN
  • Angela Haley, CMA
  • Erica LeMaster, CMA
  • Tammy Morris, LPN
  • Loni Webb, CNA
  • Elizabeth Wilson, RN

Patient Relations Assistants 

  • Cynthia McCall
  • Carrie Webb

For More Information

The Med-Peds Clinic is located in the Internal Medicine Group Clinic on the third floor of the University Health Service Building. Patients can park on the third floor of the Kentucky Clinic parking garage and follow the blue set of double doors into the building. Continue straight down the third floor hallway and pass the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic. From there, follow the signs to the Internal Medicine Group Clinic.

To make an appointment, call toll free 1-800-333-8874 or 859-323-0257.

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