Sustainable Design
UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital

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Sustainable Design

The "green roof" atop the fourth floor podium base of Pavilion A offers patients aesthetic views while reducing storm water runoff by 90 percent. 

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The new Pavilion A at UK Chandler Hospital incorporates nationally recognized sustainable design features to create a high-performance "green" building intended to serve Kentuckians for the next 100 years. Such features reduce the negative impact of the new building on the environment and promote the health and well-being of our patients, visitors, staff and faculty. The objectives of sustainable design are to cut down on the use of non-renewable resources, minimize waste and create healthy and productive environments.

Sustainable design features of Pavilion A include:

  • Mechanical systems with high controllability to increase efficiency.
  • Precast exterior panels with insulation that were produced locally.
  • A planted or "green" roof atop the fourth floor podium base of Pavilion A providing:
    • Aesthetic views of drought-resistant plants from patient rooms.
    • 90 percent reduction in storm water runoff.
    • Prolonged roof life to up to 100 years with protection from environmental damage.
    • Improved insulation to lower rooftop heat, reducing energy use and cooling costs.
  • Native plantings and water-efficient landscaping.
  • Places of respite.
  • Flooring and paint materials with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Natural, recycled and renewable materials.
  • Durable, cleanable materials.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants for air cooling.
  • High efficiency lighting (LED) to reduce energy use.
  • A universal room concept - identical patient rooms.
  • Access to public transportation.
  • Use of a previously developed site.
  • Indoor environmental quality protected by:
    • Non-smoking/tobacco-free policy.
    • Construction air quality plan.
    • Commissioned mechanical systems.

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