Good Samaritan patient registration information

About your admission

Your admission to the hospital was requested by your physician, who is a member of UK Good Samaritan Hospital's medical staff. During the admission process, you will be asked questions by our registration personnel.

This information is necessary and we appreciate your cooperation. All personal information is held in the strictest confidence.

When to arrive

You should contact the registration office at 859-226-7100 as soon as possible after it has been determined that you are going to be admitted to the hospital. The personnel in that office will obtain certain information from you which will speed your admission. Unless you are an emergency patient, you should arrive at the designated Registration Area at the appointed time.

What to bring

You should bring with you only a few personal items, such as toiletry articles, bathrobe, slippers and nightgown or pajamas.

State of the art equipment is used throughout the hospital. To prevent interference with any of this equipment, our engineering department must approve any personal electric appliances that patients bring to the hospital. Because of the hazards posed by even a small personal radio, we ask that you leave any electrical appliances at home, with the only exception being an electric shaver. You may, however, use battery operated items.


Consent forms for treatment or operations must be signed by you or by your closest legal relative or power of attorney. Permits for minors must be signed by parents or guardians. If you do not understand any of the forms, please ask for an explanation.


The hospital can not assume responsibility for loss or damage to valuables, clothing or other personal items kept in your room. We strongly recommend that you leave valuables at home, or send them home with your family. If that is not possible, such items may be deposited in the hospital safe by the Business Office personnel.

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures should be kept in protective containers in your room when not in use. Please avoid putting these items on the over-bed table or on your meal tray.

Identification band

The wrist identification band you receive upon admission should not be removed during your stay. It provides identification to all those who serve you and is for your protection.

Medications from home

Unless your physician instructs you otherwise, we ask that you do not bring any medications with you. However, we request that you bring a list of all medications you are currently receiving, and how often you take them.

All medications ordered during your hospital stay will be received from the pharmacy and will be dispensed from the nursing station. If you have any drug allergies, be sure to notify your doctor or nurse of them.

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