• Gill Imaging Center

    The Gill Imaging Center is a nearly $10 million venture that brings some of the most technologically-advanced imaging equipment available to UK. This outpatient center provides advanced diagnostic imaging of a wide variety of clinical conditions. Housed within the center is the UK Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Program.

  • UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital - Pavilion G
    Gill Heart & Vascular Institute
    Ground Floor, Room G100
    842 Rose St.
    Lexington KY 40536-0200

    This is a clinic of the University of Kentucky Hospital, also known as UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital. Read more »

  • The Gill Imaging Center has two state-of-the-art 64-slice computed tomography (CT) scanners. A first for Kentucky, one of these units represents the next generation of CT technology, the dual-source CT scanner. This innovative technology is about twice as fast as other CT machines, capturing precise images of a beating heart in seconds, reducing the need for heart-slowing medication while providing exceptional images to aid in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

    Also within the Gill Imaging Center, two new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units expand UK HealthCare's already impressive imaging capabilities. The 1.5T MRI unit is the clinical standard for breast, chest, heart, abdomen, bones and joints including the spine. The 3.0 Tesla (3T) MRI unit benefits from an even higher magnetic field and is perfect for advanced studies of the brain and the entire vascular system.