Instructions for submitting  RNA samples for Microarray

Submit cellular total RNA extracts (100ng in 5-10 ul RNase-free H2O or buffer) in sterile, Rnase-free microfuge tubes.

  1. In general, 50-100ng high quality cellular RNA is needed to obtain sufficient quantity of labeled-cRNA using WT-protocol, for hybridization to GeneChip arrays. 
  2. Cellular RNA less than 5ng will be labeled using WT-pico protocol.
  3. For miRNA arrays, submit 0.5-1.0ug cellular RNA in 10ul RNase-free H2O. 

Preparation of RNA

The core facility staff does not extract and prepare RNA from cells or tissues.

Note:  The quality of the RNA is essential to the overall success of the GeneChip analysis. Since the most appropriate protocol for the isolation of RNA can be source material-dependent, we recommend using a protocol that has been established for the tissues and cells being used.  Or if you do not have an established protocol, we suggest using one of the commercially available kits designed for RNA isolation, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Good quality RNA has been obtained using the kits listed below:

  • Total RNA preparation from cells:  QIAGEN's RNeasy Total RNA Isolation kit.
  • Total RNA preparation from tissues:  Invitrogen Life Technologies' TRIzol reagent.

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