Patient testimonials

“I found Dr. Patel to be an excellent, multi-skilled, multi-talented surgeon. The patient-doctor rapport I had with him was very good and I believe he had genuine concern for my health and well-being.”
– General patient 

“My husband now has his stitches removed, has healed remarkably and his nose is restored to the point that one is unable to determine where the cancer was.”
– Facial reconstructive surgery patient  

“I had been thinking about having some minor facial work done for awhile, but was scared of the outcome. Dr. Patel assured me that he could do just what I wanted. The outcome was great-just what I wanted it to look like. He will tell you just what you need and also explain why you may not need anything done. He is very professional.”
– Skin analysis patient testimonial  

Dr. Patel is a very nice and caring doctor. He makes you feel comfortable and cared for.  I went to him after a car accident after not being able to breathe right.  He fixed my nose just like I asked him to.  My breathing is 100% better.  He was very caring about my welfare and I thank him very much.  I will tell anyone to go to him.
– Regina Hellard, 03/01/12 


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