The Mission of the UK HealthCare is: “To help people of the Commonwealth and beyond gain and retain good health through creative leadership and quality initiatives in patient care, education, and research.” The UKHC Dietetics Internship follows that mission with its emphasis on quality in patient care, continued education, and emphasis on using research to determine evidence based practice for patient care.

Internship goals

  1. Prepare dietetic practitioners to successfully write the registration examination to become a Registered Dietitian.

  2. Offer a variety of learning experiences to prepare competent entry-level practitioners with an emphasis in clinical nutrition, who meet performance standards in areas of clinical nutrition, management and community nutrition.

  3. Maintain a quality internship program through staff and scheduled review, evaluation and revision of the program using staff, intern (past and present) and employer recommendations.

  4. Offer interns opportunities for involvement in the continued education and professional development.

Measurable outcomes

Each of the above goals is continually assessed, and the outcomes are measured to determine if the internship is meeting its goals. The measurable outcomes for the above goals include:

  1. Overall pass rate of the graduating interns, retention rates of the interns that begin the program, and whether the interns from this internship exceed national average test scores.

  2. Evaluations received from the interns must be greater than 80 percent positive in any given rotation or experience, interns must receive a “meets competency consistently” following their final rotations and a “meets entry level” evaluation prior to completing staff relief rotation.

  3. To verify entry-level competency, employers should rate the newly graduated interns with a “satisfactory as entry level.” To verify competency, preceptors continually are evaluated on a routine basis, and their evaluations from the interns cannot contain more than one negative evaluation.

  4. Interns are required to attend local and state professional meetings including the yearly Kentucky Dietetic Association meeting.

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