• Sponsorships

    UK HealthCare supports hundreds of local, state and national organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of countless citizens in our city, state and surrounding region. Being a good corporate citizen reinforces our mission and vision to provide advanced patient care, serve as an information resource and strengthen local health care for the people of Kentucky and beyond.

    Despite the breadth of UK HealthCare's support, our budget for contributions is limited. Each sponsorship opportunity or request for support is individually and thoroughly evaluated. Priority is given to requests that most closely align with UK HealthCare's strategic mission under the following categories:

    • Key Service Lines
      Charitable or civic organizations which directly compliment or contribute to major clinical service lines provided by UK HealthCare.
    • Education & Workforce Development
      Charitable or civic organizations which directly compliment or contribute to UK HealthCare's education and/or workforce development strategies.
    • Community Relations
      Charitable or civic organizations which will increase UK HealthCare's presence in the community, recognize its responsibility as a major employer and good citizen, and/or strengthen relationships with organizations which will enhance or facilitate better meeting our mission and/or implementing strategic plans.
    • Arts & Community Enrichment
      Charitable, civic or governmental organizations and/or initiatives which are community enrichment projects or contribute to economic growth and development of our community and/or region through cultural enrichment, quality of life, ethnic and cultural diversity.

    Requests for sponsorship consideration may be directed to Cynde Estep, community engagement manager, at cynthia.estep@uky.edu.