• Inexperienced riders
    Watch out for other less experienced riders. I’ve been hurt because they don’t know trail etiquette and get too close to my horse or other horses.
    Note: Be aware of your surroundings and the others riding with/near you. Keep yourself and your horse safe by getting out of dangerous situations.
  • Securing your horse
    Learn to safely tie your horse on and off the trail. Once on a trail ride after a break, one rider did not securely tie his horse and it took off without him. Teach your horses to stand still when being mounted. My horse took off after the first horse as I was trying to mount and I was thrown to the ground.
    Note: These are ground lessons that should be mastered before moving on to riding. Make sure everyone you’re riding with knows basic safety (how to properly tie a horse) and that your horse knows basic ground manners (how to stand while being groomed, tacked, mounted, etc.)
  • Problem horse
    Never take a horse camping if you are having problems with him at home. Work on your horse at home and try to solve the problems there. It is no fun being eight hours away and hurt.
    Note: Always set yourself and your horse up for success. If you’re having problems, don’t introduce new situations until you have conquered the old ones.
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