Fallen helmet

Published 01-11-2013 3:27 PM | Fernanda Camargo

Your helmet protects your brain in case of a fall… I guess everyone knows that! Wearing a helmet when riding a horse is not going to protect you from every kind of injury you may sustain in case something goes wrong, but it should minimize a potential traumatic brain injury.

Once you have fallen from a horse with your helmet on, and your helmet hit the ground, or something else (barrel, jump standard, rail, etc) you SHOULD NOT wear your helmet again. What you should do is send your helmet back to the manufacturer and have it checked. Sometimes the helmet will still be OK to be worn again. But most times it won’t.

Most helmet manufacturers offer programs where they give you a discount on your next purchase in case of a “fallen/damaged helmet”.

If you have fallen, don’t be thinking your helmet is not damaged just because it looks OK on the outside. Contact your helmet’s manufacturer as soon as possible!

The person who was wearing the helmet in the pictures below fell on the asphalt.

Cracked helmet-1 

Cracked helmet-2 

Cracked helmet-3 

Cracked helmet-4 

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