Mud and horses

Published 12-05-2012 2:54 PM | Fernanda Camargo

Winter in Kentucky seems to be always very wet! We deal with a lot of mud here in the Bluegrass State!

It may seem unnecessary for me to even talk about this.... but BE CAREFUL WHEN WALKING IN MUD!!

Mud makes for very slick ground, and if you are dealing with horses, you need to be extra careful.

Wear rubber boots (that fit you well!) and walk with a sure stride, especially when leading horses. I have seen horses spook because the handler slipped and that took the horse by surprise, and he in turn jumped over stepping on the handler's foot. This may become more dangerous if the handler ends up falling as well.

My own mother was up at the barn with us and decided to go back to the house... since she is not a farm lady (although her father, father in law and husband are all farmers), she didn't have rubber boots. Well, I let her borrow mine, which are 3 sizes bigger than her shoes. She was walking funny, but it was all right, because it was going to be a quick visit to the barn. It turned out that on her way back to the house, by herself, she got stuck in the mud, and in an effort to release herself she pulls her leg strongly, and her foot came off the boot... and while the boot remained stuck in the mud, the poor woman took a dive, falling with her face in the mud. Now, the situation was comical because she didn't get hurt. But it could have been disastrous if she was leading a horse, or even had fallen near a horse inside one of the paddocks.

We take things for granted, such as well-fitting shoes! But I urge us to be careful, especially now in the winter, when we have muddy terrain, ice and snow.

Mud and horses

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