Cracked helmet

Published 06-25-2012 1:11 PM | Fernanda Camargo

We are 5 days away from the Kentucky 4-H State Show, one the country's largest 4-H state horse shows.

It is a great responsibility to host/manage a horse show where close to 1,000 youth participate.

We try to make things safe for the kids, but the reality is that horses can be unpredictable at times, and all safety precautions pay off when one of those accidents happen.

One of Kentucky's 4-H rule is that you need to wear a certified helmet when you're mounted. This rule was put in place several years ago, and met with some resistance from parents who insist their ponies would never hurt their kids. We had to politely disagree with them.

Invariably, every year, kids fall from their horses, horses fall with kids, horses jump the end gate and land on top of people.... I mean, we have had some accidents happen... Fortunately, no accident was ever serious or caused any long-term injury to anyone.

Last year, however, we had a girl in the warm-up ring, whose horse spooked and threw her off. She was wearing her helmet, which, I believe, saved her life. Below are some pictures of what happened to her helmet.... it could have been her head.

Cracked helmet-1 

Cracked helmet-2 

Cracked helmet-3 

Cracked helmet-4

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