Central Kentucky Riding for Hope

Published 06-19-2012 2:45 PM | Fernanda Camargo

On Saturday, June 16th, I attended the Central Kentucky Riding for Hope fundraiser gala that happened at the Keene Barn at Keeneland.

What a wonderful program that is, that helps people with physical and emotional challenges. It was an honor to be a part of the fundraiser... and let me tell you: FUNraiser!!!

They started out with silent auction.... hundreds of items were donated!! I did not come home empty-handed!!

Then they had live auction of some items... and then the most fun of it all: the auction of sponsorship for their horses! They had 6 of the best horses in the world being showcased with students riding them!!! Wonderful ponies and even better kids riding them, as the crowd went crazy to bid on them!!

They raised $64,000 that night! And I am so proud to have witnessed it!!!

For more information, check out their website: http://ckrh.org/

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