No more hunt caps for Charles Owen!

Published 02-19-2012 6:41 PM | Fernanda Camargo

Charles Owen, the helmet manufacturer, stopped manufacturing hunt caps in January 2012 and has announced that they will no longer sell unapproved helmets in North America by 2013.

Roy Burek, Charles Owen's grandson and managing director of Charles Owen Inc, said “We started being very involved in helmet safety and standards as early as 1953, and as the public becomes more aware of helmet safety and what we provide, our business has certainly moved away from the hunt cap, and towards creating triple standard helmets to give people more protection in the event of any accident around a horse.”

Dover Saddlery has also reclassified hunt caps from “helmets” to “hats,” placing them together with top hats on their webpage.

It is awesome to see helmet manufacturers think of our safety first!!!

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