OTTB daily routine

Published 02-16-2012 1:10 PM | Fernanda Camargo

As you know, I adopted an Off the Track Thoroughbred in November 2011. He came with some quirks and we're trying to work those things out.... Most recently, however, I started fostering some OTTB's before they go "school" to be rehabilitated into their new careers.

If you have worked with horses for a long time, you already know this.... but if not, you need to know that each horse is totally different as far as personality.

Tony is full of energy and very playful. He and Mattie seem to be in a party mode all the time.

OTTB daily routine-1

Communal, one of the two new fosters, is 9 and raced 63 times!! What a champ!!! I call him Giant because he is huge and very friendly. When I put him out, he just hangs out by the gate and wants to be brought back in to his comfortable stall. He is not agitated like Tony, is very respectful of your personal space and is very organized inside his stall. I guess he likes to keep it tidy.

OTTB daily routine-2 

OTTB daily routine-3

Yesterday, yet another foster arrived. His name is Arshavin. He is only 3 and has kind, bordering sad eyes. He is also very polite and respects your space, but he did not act totally comfortable when he arrived. He has a more high-strung nature. I guess he is not the bravest horse out there. He is very cute and I can't wait to see him come out of his shell. The trainer said he did not have the heart for racing, but I'm sure he will be a cute hunter.

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