Barn aisle flooring (part 2)

Published 01-26-2012 11:09 AM | Fernanda Camargo

In continuing the subject of barn aisle flooring, here are some other options:

5. Concrete: this is a very hard and durable material. If properly installed, it will be virtually maintenance free. Can be slippery if too smooth, especially with shod horses and when wet. Difficult to modify or replace. It may cause injury if the horse falls on it. However, it properly installed, this is one of the best options for barn aisles as far as safety. You can add rubber mats in several areas along the aisle.

6. Asphalt (blacktop): It is cheaper than concrete. It is not as beautiful and, since it can be extremely slippery. It is not as durable as concrete and the hardness changes with temperature, becoming hard and slick when cold and soft and sticky on hot days.

7. Wood: It produces a nice sound when horses walk on it. It is extremely slippery when wet, and shod horses can splinter the wood. Because it is a porous material, it will absorb urine and ***, making it hard to clean and disinfect.

8. Bricks: If properly installed, it is very durable. It is beautiful and adds to the aesthetics of the barn. It has good traction. If not properly installed, it will have waves, which are not very desirable. Difficult to sweep clean because of the joints between the bricks, and therefore, a leaf blower would probably need to be used. It is expensive.

9. Rubber Bricks: Very beautiful, durable, safe, quiet, excellent traction whether wet or dry, makes no noise. However, it is very expensive and difficult to sweep clean. It is an excellent choice for those who can afford.

10. Rubber mats: can be applied in one piece (sold in a roll), or several mats in strategic locations. It is quiet, provides good traction, easy to clean. It can bulge at seams with temperature and moisture fluctuations. Rubber mats are best over solid base, such as concrete. It should never be used over sand. Old conveyor belt is dangerously slippery when wet.

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