Another Canadian horse dies

Published 12-14-2011 3:07 PM | Fernanda Camargo

It is with sadness that I blog today about another Canadian horse that died. You may have read my blog post about Hickstead, who died about a month ago after collapsing in ring.

This time it was the Eventing horse Smart Move, who belonged to Lisa Marie Fergusson. They were training in Wellington, Florida in preparation for the Spring season. She was also being considered for being in the Canadian Olympic Team.

Smart Move escaped from the barn onto the road and was hit by a car. He had to be humanely euthanized. He was a 7 year old Welsh Sport Horse that Lisa was bringing along after her seasoned Eventing horse Uni Griffon collapsed and died after a cross-country ride in 2009.

I have heard of countless stories of horses getting loose and being hit by vehicles. One of my students, who competes in rodeo events (barrel race), went to a competition last month. Her horse got out of the paddock, went to the road, got hit by a car and had to be put down also. This is sad, but these are things we can prevent. Horses are not very smart when it comes to being loose. They take off running as if they had been held tied to a post for their entire lives. Every time I put my horse out to pasture, he takes off running. It doesn't matter of he has been in the stall for 1 day or 1 hour. It doesn't hurt to have double-fences and several gates separating the barn from the road. And remember to keep those gates closed at all times!

Saddle Up Safely is developing a brochure that has some tips on how to approach and catch a loose horse. Of course some of these accidents happen so fast that you may not even have time to try to catch it. The booklet will be available in the next month or so.

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