Meeting with Kentucky First Lady Mrs. Jane Beshear

Published 08-23-2011 4:12 PM | Fernanda Camargo

On August 18, Bill Gombesky, Holly Wiemers, Bob Coleman and I headed to Frankfort to meet with someone who has been very supportive of our program from the beginning, Kentucky First Lady Mrs. Jane Beshear.

Mrs. Beshear has been a life long equestrian, competing in 3 day eventing, and fox hunting during her leisure time.

It was such a pleasure to meet with her to discuss the new directions that our program is taking.

Being a competitor and horse owner, she understands the need for safe handling and good horsemanship. She supports our program and understands that "by learning proper riding techniques and horsemanship and taking the time to practice the safety measures (taught in the Saddle Up Safely Program), riders of all ages and levels can improve their ability while limiting dangerous situations", she pointed out.

We look forward to continuing to work with Mrs. Beshear in educating riders and horse enthusiasts to make a great sport safer!!

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