Ride a buck!

Published 05-16-2011 2:52 PM | Fernanda Camargo

Last Sunday, mother's day, I received a phone call in the morning from Janet Curran, a 4H mother and friend of mine, saying they had taken a pony for me to ride at the fundraising horse show for the Kentucky Equine Humane Center. Since this family is one of my very favorite family, and they help me out anytime I need, I forfeited church and went to the horse show!!

I had never ridden in a "ride a buck" class. But the rules are: you ride bareback, you put a dollar bill underneath your thigh and you go around the ring at a walk, posting trot, sitting trot, canter, two-point, etc. And people get eliminated as their dollar bills fall from under their thighs. You can't touch your buck or you get disqualified!! It sounded like a ton of fun! Especially because they had brought me a rolly pony... so I already knew I was going to win!! Well, as I am warming the pony up and getting acquainted with her, she started to toss he head up, and I thought "I can ride a buck (dollar bill) bareback, but I don't think I can ride a buck (actual horse bucking) bareback".



So I asked the 4-H'er if I could trade horses with her, since she already knew the quirks of her pony, and I could ride the tall withery thoroughbred (what was I thinking?), which looked more calm than the pony mare.

They called us into the ring, I was ready to win the class, Linus had not acted up at all, Mandy (the pony, who I think doesn't like me) stopped acting up for her owner, it was a winning situation! I thought I could get 1st, Deana (the 4-H'er) could get 2nd, and I hoped everyone else would have fun and not get hurt.... but she and I were obviously top 2!!!!

Well, the class started.... I neglected to understand that Linus had already jumped 3 courses in that arena just 2 hours ago, and since the jumps were still there, he obviously thought we were there for another round of jumps!!! The sleepy, slow, western pleasure Thoroughbred, turned into this jumping machine, getting faster and faster and trying to cut corners and face the jumps, with me on him.... BAREBACK!!! I cut so many people off on that class, it was unbelievable. People outside the ring were laughing so hard, they could hardly stand it! The withers of that horse hurt so bad to try to stay on him, that I went from laughing to almost crying "mama, help me!" And the judge had the nerve to ask why I wasn't posting!!!


Anyway, after the gallop (the judge asked for a canter, but Linus preferred to gallop... and we all know he was his own boss by that time), I finally had had enough pain for that weekend! So I stopped by the gate and screamed "I QUIT!!!". The crowd screamed back "BUT YOU HAVEN'T LOST YOUR BUCK YET!!!" I thought to myself "I'd better ruin this quick and soon before they make me go around another time... I can't help it that I'm good rider and the buck didn't fall after I was jarred every way and everywhere!". So I quickly got my buck from under my thigh and screamed "IT FELL NOW!!!!" Everyone laughed, no one blamed me! I got a dose of humility and all ended well!!

Now the best part of the story is that Mandy, the rolly pony I was supposed to ride, and Deana, won first place!!! I demand a rerun, and I want the pony next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!






I gave my buck away, and couldn't walk for a week!!! But it was all worth it, because we got to raise money for the Kentucky Equine Humane Center and we got to have fun and laugh a lot!!!

Thanks Larry, Janet and Deana Curran for the horses and wonderful pictures!!!

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