I wish I had my camera

Published 04-19-2011 9:49 AM | Fernanda Camargo

Yesterday I witnessed something that was so dangerous that I wished I had my camera on me.

This well intended husband brought his wife for a surprise horseback riding lesson at my barn. Mind you, we don't have an in-house instructor at my barn.... therefore, the instructor was simply someone who rides and keeps her horse there.

Apparently, she had only talked with the husband, who advised his wife to wear jeans and boots with heels. Here comes the wife, who had never been on a horse before, wearing jeans and boots with heels..... except they were 4 inch high heels.... The new rider then changes her shoes to tennis shoes.

The lady at my barn proceeds to get her 4 year old Thoroughbred horse ready for his new pilot at the same time I was getting my 4 year old filly ready for our ride.

The whole time I was thinking: "that was a nice gesture from the husband, good intentions to surprise the wife... but maybe they should reschedule???" Oh, and I forgot to mention, that the husband also had a German shepherd, who liked to bark at horses, on leash....

The riding instructor helped the wife mount the horse, and kept him on a lunge line. She didn't lunge him, she lead him around while carrying the lunge whip and line, while the other lady was on him. Did I mention there was no helmet involved?

That horse, bless his heart, by that time, had figured out what was going on. Thank goodness he is a good natured horse, because between the barking dog, the clamped legs, the hands holding the reins chest high, a whip that kept touching him, and a combination of 3 good intentioned people who were doing it all wrong, the only champion was the gentle gelding.

What is even more interesting is that I have seen that gelding bolt several times.... as a matter of fact, he got away from his owner one time, and ran away from inside his stall, down the barn aisle, just as I was coming in through the barn doors. He had no halter or bridle, but he did have a breastplate attached to his saddle. That's what I used to grab a hold of him.... the breastplate. I got dragged a few feet until he finally stopped, but I chose the risk of being injured than to have a horse running loose on the road and being hit by a car, and possibly killing himself and the people inside the car.

I know God spends a lot of time looking out for us.... yesterday was one of those days.... That horse behaved like a champ!! Then I suggested to the lady and the instructor that next time she will need riding boots and a helmet.

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