Kentucky 4-H horse volunteer certification

Published 01-07-2011 5:24 PM | Fernanda Camargo

I find myself at the Barren River State Park in Kentucky. It is a beautiful day! The snow keeps falling, but it is not accumulating on the ground. I simply love the Kentucky State Parks.... I have stayed in several of them in the past years.

Here is what I came here for: I oversee the 4-H Horse Program in Kentucky, which is the largest 4-H program in the state, and one of the largest 4-H Horse Programs in the country. Kentucky has 120 counties and many wonderful 4-H volunteer leaders. However, some of the leaders have more experience than others. Leaders with little horse experience, are wonderful and very much needed. They get out of their comfort zone and volunteer their time to see the youth grow although they may not have a lot of horse experience as other leaders do.

So we created a curriculum to equip all leaders with wonderful resources so they can better teach the youth regarding horses. The kit includes teaching modules, posters, interactive CDs and DVDs, reference books, feed samples and many other wonderful resources!!

Now, we are in the process of training these leaders! Starting in 2011 they cannot be club leaders unless they have been trained. Which brings me to the second paragraph of this blog.... Kentucky has 120 counties, over 100 counties have horse clubs, and many counties have multiple clubs!!!! Therefore, we have MANY horse volunteer leaders!!!! In this workshop we are training 94 horse leaders!!! It is amazing!!!

I am very thankful for all the wonderful volunteer leaders that donate their time and effort to make the 4-H Horse Program in Kentucky an awesome program!!!! Together we are using the horse to mold kids into responsible and mature citizens!!!

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