WEG (part 5)

Published 09-30-2010 11:28 AM | Fernanda Camargo

The other cool part of being at the World Equestrian Games is that all these horse and horsemen celebrities are just walking around and you get to rub shoulders with them.

Last week I exchanged a few words with Pat Parelli, who was leisurely riding his horse around the equine village. Clinton Anderson and John Lyons are also there everyday. Yesterday I talked with Doda, the Brazilian show jumper. He was just driving his golf cart around when I recognized and asked for a picture. He was super nice.

Saddle Up Safely is located at the University of Kentucky pavilion, close to John Deere and the Kentucky Experience. If you are at the WEG, please stop by so you can grab some of our brochures. You will also be asked to complete a horse safety quiz so we can test how savvy you are when it comes to horse safety! You will be entered in a drawing for wonderful prizes just by taking the quiz. Now if you ace the quiz, you will be asked to be part of our advisory committee! Come and visit us!!!

WEG (part 5)

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