The World Equestrian Games are in town!!

Published 09-29-2010 11:35 AM | Fernanda Camargo

WEGs are in town

This is so exciting! The WEG finally arrived!!!! The Horse Park looks fabulous and there are people from all over the world walking around and enjoying themselves in our beautiful Bluegrass State!!!

The games started on Saturday, September 25 with the reining competition happening during the day. In the evening, the Opening Ceremony was amazing!!! One of my favorite parts was when the Saddlebreds came in the arena, very animated and making the crowd go crazy! Then the thoroughbreds came in and mocked a little race. Hall of Fame jockey Chris McCarron was one of the jockeys "racing"! It was amazing.

Other demonstrations in the opening ceremony included beautiful Friesians doing dressage moves in a drill. There were 8 Friesians together. Mohamed Ali also made an appearance in a classical car. Then there were Roman riders on Andalusian horses, opera singing, ballet dancers.... Everything was phenomenal!

The Saddle Up Safely booth is in the UK pavilion, in front of the Kentucky Experience. Come and visit us and take our quiz so we can see how safe you are!!!!

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