WEG (part 2)

Published 09-29-2010 8:16 PM | Fernanda Camargo

We are in the middle of the World Equestrian Games, which is the world competition for 8 equestrian sports. I worked on Saturday as an interpreter for the Brazilian teams. The reining competition started on Saturday. I watched the entire competition from the mixed zone, which is where the competitors go in and out the arena. It was amazing to say the least. The Italian competitor Stefano Massignan, riding a palomino quarter horse called Yellow Jersey, brought down the house when the rode an awesome pattern. The American rider Craig Schimersal, riding Mister Montana Nic also did a great job. His horse was beautiful! But Shawn Flarida and RC Fancy Step, also a quarter horse, won the individual qualifier with extremely high points. Team USA is in first place!

WEG (part 2)

The cool thing about reining is that the horse is judged on how well behaved and under control the horse is at all times, on top of how well the horse performs each maneuver.

The National Reining Horse Association is having clinics throughout the day where regular people like me and you can "test ride a reiner". I signed up for it! The bad part is that it is a draw. The arena is right beside our UK pavilion, where the Saddle Up Safely booth is. I hope they draw my name!!!!

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