What's with the red ribbon?

Published 07-28-2010 12:46 PM | Fernanda Camargo

Whats the red ribbon

If you have a horse that is a kicker, it is common courtesy to tie a red ribbon to its tail to warn people not to get too close. This is especially important in trail ridings, horse camps and in horse shows, where multiple horses get in close proximity to each other and can get kicked.

It is also common courtesy, if you are the owner of the horse, to warn people, by saying "don't get too close, as my horse might kick yours", because not everyone knows what the red ribbon means.

If you see a horse wearing a red ribbon on his tail, don't get too close. If you need to pass that horse on the trail, ask the rider, from a distance, so they can stop, position the horse's hindquarters away from you, so you can pass by. Do not encroach on that horse, because you and your horse may end up hurt.

Some people also tie a green ribbon to the tail of green horses. Green horses are those that don't have a lot of experience and can get frightened and over react in situations that older horses would do just fine. If you see a horse wearing a green ribbon, be mindful of that rider, and do not encroach on that horse, as that rider can get hurt.

Be safe! Be courteous!

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