Helmet safety (part 3) - When to replace a helmet

Published 03-04-2010 9:28 AM

This blog was written by Ron Friedson, from Pegasus Helmets.

Wear, tear and accidents

1. As a general rule, you should replace a helmet every three to five years.

2. If your helmet has been subject to a lot of hours in a hot car, been handled and used a lot, plan on replacing it closer to the three or even two year mark.

3. NEVER, NEVER, EVER use a helmet that has been in a fall.

4. Helmets are one time safety devices, when you fall and hit your head, the thousands of air bubbles inside the liner crush, this is what absorbs the impact. While a helmet may look perfect, it will no longer do its job.

5. Most companies have low cost replacement policies, read the manual that comes with your helmet.

6. While most people have a tendency not to read manuals, when it comes to your helmet, reading the manual could save your life!

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