Helmet safety (part 2) - Fitting your equestrian helmet

Published 03-04-2010 9:25 AM

This Blog was written by Ron Friedson, from Pegasus Helmets.

Helmet Fit:

1. The front your helmet should be about ¼ to ½ inch above your eyebrows.

2. The helmet should fit snug enough to leave a slight mark on your forehead.

3. When you shake your head, the helmet should not slip up and down or side to side

4. The chin strap should be as snug as possible,without making it difficult to breathe.

5. There is a current conflict between the science of how to wear your hair and fashion in the riding world. The current fashion in the hunter-jumper world is to wear your hair tucked up, without any hair showing. The rulebook requires only the use of a hair-net for long hair and a neat clean appearance. If you are going to wear your hair up, be sure to put it more on the back of your head, rather than on top and compress it as flat as possible. Ideally you are better off to gather it in a hairnet at the base and sides of the helmet (some of the newest helmets coming out this year actually have space on the sides to allow for this.

6. Helmets that have V shape adjustment systems for their straps require particular care in fitting the straps. Take the time needed to make sure the straps pull the helmet straight down. This will require a bit more time adjusting the straps, but it is very important. If the straps are too far forward, the helmet will always be falling over the users eyes. If the strap is too far back, the user will choke.

7. About every 3 months, check the fit of your helmet: straps stretch out, padding settles and the fit changes.

8. Also check the fit if you cut your hair, you don't want to be going over a jump and find you cannot see because your helmet has fallen over your eyes,because you had your hair cut.

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