The mounted patrol way...

Published 01-04-2010 8:08 PM

This blog was written by Robert Milward, Training Officer of the Buffalo Trace Mounted Patrol. He has a great point about starting to get control of your horse from the ground and teaching your horse respect.

Mounted patrol way 

2010 is a magical year for horses and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Count down clocks are everywhere. For most of us, if we are lucky, the clocks track our path to the days we volunteer our time to help make the FEI World Games at the horse park a huge success.

The same clocks that inch toward September 25th can also be used to track and remind us of our personal equine goals for 2010. As the training officer for the Buffalo Trace Mounted Patrol, I work with not only patrol members, but also civilians and their horses to make each ride a challenging and a safe ride.

For 2010, here is a goal for your horse. “My horse will stand quietly in my presence, unless I ask the horse to do something.” Say to yourself this is the year: "I take the time, every time to make this critical training lesson the absolute rule number one."

Don’t worry that your fellow riders are in a hurry, don’t worry that you have to be somewhere else, doing something else. This is the year that your horse stands quietly until you ask for motion.

If you spend your allotted equine time standing and talking instead of the planned saddle up and ride, that is just the way it has to be. You will accomplish this short term goal very quickly, and your life will be so much better for it. All training starts at square one and for 2010 this is the year you finally get it right.

Standing quietly, 2010, standing quietly, 2010, standing quietly, 2010.

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