Broken collar bone

Published 11-13-2009 12:51 PM

Broken collar bone 

photo courtesy of Larry Curran

This post was written by Deana Curran, a Kentucky Horse Program 4-H member, from Jessamine County. She is a very active 4-H'er and excellent rider. However, as you will see below, accidents happen even to good riders.

"While riding my 16.3 hand TB, Pirate's Soul, at home in the pasture, he lost his front footing and fell head first busting his nose in the ground and went totally down. I came off, and as a result of the impact with the ground I suffered a broken right collar bone and broken left thumb and if it wasn’t for my helmet I don’t know what other injuries I might have suffered! It happened so fast I am not really sure how I landed, but I am sure that my head hit the ground at some point during the accident. My head was not really bothering me at the time or shortly after the accident, but I did start seeing spots a while later.

A few weeks earlier I was riding my little 14.2 hands pony, Mandy, while dad was mowing in the pasture. For some reason Mandy spooked when the mower hit some tall grass making a loud noise and I fell off. Believe me when I say I really banged my head on the ground hard and all I can say is that the helmet really helped reduce the impact.

I can only imagine what injury I may have gotten had I not been wearing a helmet when these accidents happened. I will never ride any horse without a helmet.

Both of these accidents happened when I was doing flat work and not during jumping practice!!!!"

From Fernanda: helmets will protect your head from a Traumatic Brain Injury, which is one of the most serious horse related injuries a rider can have.

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