Geldings or mares....who's the boss?

Published 11-03-2009 2:54 PM

This story was shared with me by Ann Thomas, the Senior Facilities Planner for the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Dean's Office. She said that none of her injuries have sent her to the ER, but she has had interesting mishaps.

"Many years ago, my young gelding was boarded in a pasture with mares, geldings and mares with foals. Never thought twice about leading him past any of the mares, including those with foals. Apparently, the one I chose to lead him past, had an issue with that. I am assuming it was the mare who hit me from behind and sent me airborne. I did my best superman imitation that day. Somehow in mid-flight, still in an almost standing type position, my body rotated around to look at the mare, landed on my behind, slid through the tall wet grass and was stopped quite suddenly by the end of an 8” diameter fence post hidden in the grass someone forgot to pick up when they replaced a post. The bruising pattern on lower back looked like two eyes and a nose.

Lesson: Don’t forget who you are leading your horse past, even if it is one of his herd mates."

From Fernanda: a horse owner should make it their purpose to know their horse. Each horse has a different temperament and personality. Make sure you know your horses and only mingle compatible horses. You will be protecting yourself and your horses.

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