Home is Where the Heart is

Published 12-12-2011 9:21 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


Owning a home is a wonderful feeling, and yesterday, Habitat for Humanity gave one of our favorite and most valuable employees this great opportunity. DeShanda Player, who works in the CTW building, was the recipient of a brand new home yesterday. For those of you who know DeShanda, I'm sure you would agree there couldn't be a more deserving person. She is so helpful and comes to work with a smile on her face each and every day.

Members of the Greek community and UK's Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter partnered to make this dream come true. The goal for the Panhellenic Community was to have 4000 Greek members contribute to the home in some way, either by donating or by volunteering to build. Construction on the home began on campus with the building of the frame in early October. Just a few months later, the home is now complete. And don't think DeShanda didn't have a hand in this! The construction crew said she and her four children were on site each building day to lend a hand. When the key was finally handed over to DeShanda yesterday, she became the first home owner in her family.

I applaud the many students and workers who had a hand in building this home. Many, if not all, probably had never met DeShanda before beginning this project. As we gear up for Christmas, remember, service to others is the greatest gift we can give. I wish DeShanda the best in her new home!

For more information on Habitat for Humanity, click HERE.

For more information on DeShanda's project, visit UKNow.


There was a tremendous turnout for DeShanda's home dedication.


DeShanda alongside many of the groups that helped this dream come true.


DeShanda received many housewarming gifts!



DeShanda thanking everyone for their support during the building process.

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