Go, Diego, Go!

Published 09-13-2011 12:50 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

If you don’t know what my blog title means, it's time to get with it people! Some say that I am big kid at heart…and they’re right. It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise, then, that I was thrilled to find out my favorite Nickelodeon personality was coming to our hospital.

Last Friday, the Nickelodeon star Diego was kind enough to visit patients at the Kentucky’s Children’s Hospital, and I got to chauffeur him through the halls. Diego went room-to-room to waive at the children and take photos. One parent even had her individual picture taken with Diego; the child was nowhere to be found! I can’t say anything, though, because I also had a picture taken with my buddy.


Many healthcare professionals get so caught up in the clinical and technical side of medicine that sometimes they miss the bigger picture. These children have IVs in their arms (and sometimes even in their heads), take many different medications, and may be experiencing a wide array of undesirable side effects. They want nothing more than to be like the other kids. Seeing Diego interact with the children made me realize, laughter truly is the best medicine.

I want to again personally thank my buddy Diego for stopping by last Friday…You never know who you may see at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital!

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