UK HealthCare and Norton Healthcare Partner for State's Health

Published 11-17-2010 12:48 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  



When I run into people out in the state, I consistently hear about how well our partnerships and affiliate programs are going with other hospitals. As we have continued to grow, we have been able to announce new partners all with a focus on improving access to care for Kentuckians.  Last week we really hit everyone's radar with an exciting press statement regarding our new partnership with Norton Healthcare.

We announced, and it was well publicized, that the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Agreement to join forces to improve health care for all Kentuckians. The landscape of providing health care in Kentucky is changing in an environment that is addressing and will continue to address health care reform. 

In a joint statement, Dr. Michael Karpf, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Stephen A. Williams, Norton Healthcare President and CEO,  said: "Our goal is to develop a pre-eminent statewide system of care that will expand the services available to all Kentuckians in their local hospitals. We are also focusing on developing stronger clinical partnerships throughout the Commonwealth. By working together our physicians and other health care professionals will provide a wider range of higher quality services more efficiently while also assuring immediate access to the best subspecialists in Kentucky." 

Dr. Karpf and Steve cited the fact that Kentucky has very poor health rankings in both its adult and pediatric populations, with particular challenges and opportunities in the areas of cancer, heart disease, stroke/neuroscience and transplants.

For more information see the following news release from UK Public Relations and news media coverage: 

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