Fall Prevention Awareness

Published 10-01-2010 9:13 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


I used to say in many of my public presentations "the Baby Boomers are Coming the Baby Boomers are Coming"!  That is definitely true and we need to be focused on the needs of an aging population.

Many of us are getting older and need to be careful, especially about preventing falls. The Kentucky Safe Aging Coalition recently participated in awareness-building activities during the National Falls Prevention Awareness Week Sept. 20-24. The purpose was to urge state and community organizations, businesses, individuals, and the media to use this opportunity to promote awareness of this important public health problem in an effort to reduce the incidence of falls among older people in Kentucky. I had this information on my mind recently as I toured a coal mine in West Virginia. It was so dark that I could barely see and was just hoping I didn't fall. More to come about this trip in an upcoming blog.

Taken from the release from the KY Safe Aging Coalition- "Terry Bunn, director of KIPRC, says "Falls are a leading cause of death among older Kentuckians, and are among the most preventable types of injuries. Easy measures can be taken by older adults to reduce their risk of falling."  This was quite alarming to me since many of these measures are easily taken advantage of as we get older. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the following are ways to help prevent falls:

  • Regular exercise.
  • Review of current medications being taken so that side effects and interactions are reduced.
  • Annual eye exam.
  • Improving lighting in the home.
  • Reducing potential hazards in the home such removing throw rugs, using a slip-free mat in the shower or bath tub to reduce slipping, and hiding all exposed cords to reduce tripping and falling.

 Last week Gov. Steve Beshear officially proclaimed Sept. 20 as Fall Prevention Awareness Day.  See below for a copy of the proclamation. I encourage you to pay attention to these preventative measures because healthy aging is important at any age.

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