Lights, Camera, Action - Hollywood comes to the Clinic!

Published 09-20-2010 12:11 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

UK HealthCare's Kentucky Clinic opened its doors to more than patients a couple of weeks ago as a movie crew from the independent film "Hitting the Cycle" moved in after the clinic closed, shooting scenes for the film's fictional Sayreville Hospital. 

Tentatively set for release in 2011, the movie was written and is being directed by Lexington native Richey Nash, son of University of Kentucky basketball legend Cotton Nash. When I was growing up in Anderson County Kentucky, Cotton Nash was playing basketball at UK.  I have very vivid memories of watching Cotton Nash play basketball in Memorial Coliseum.  Cotton was definitely one of my childhood heroes.  I even named one of my cats "Cotton" in honor of my hero.

Richey Nash is a Henry Clay High School graduate.  He followed in his father's footsteps and played both basketball and baseball in college.  After graduating from Princeton University, he was drafted by the San Diego Padres and played a few seasons in the minor leagues.  He went abroad for a year as a player-coach in Italy, then moved to New York City to start a career in theater.  Now based in Los Angeles, he has enjoyed successes on stage, in film, and in network television.

In "Hitting the Cycle," he stars as Jimmy "Rip" Ripley, a player on the Lexington Legends roster. Hoping to make it back to the Major Leagues, he is instead cut from the team. Reluctantly, he returns home after an absence of more than 15 years to face his estranged family, tackle his inner demons, and discover a life beyond the baseball diamond.

In addition to featuring Lexington and shooting "Sayreville" scenes here, Nash has given a boost to the community's budding film industry by hiring Kentuckians for more than two-thirds of the cast and crew positions.  His leadership team includes Kentucky natives such as LA-based film editor Harry B. Miller III, who had worked with Nash on short films.

Miller then recruited his screenwriting collaborator and brother, John Winn Miller, who has recently returned to Lexington after working as a former foreign correspondent, investigative journalist, and daily newspaper editor and publisher.

Besides the Kentucky Clinic, many other key scenes were filmed at Applebee's Park and other locations around Central Kentucky.  For more about the movie, go to

So, as the title says- Hollywood came to the clinic! I am looking forward to watching the movie. See pictures below that were taken during the filming. A big thanks to Kristi Lopez, who helped coordinate their visit and take pictures for the Birdwhistell Blog!







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