UK HealthCare's Medicare Advisory Group

Published 08-03-2010 3:49 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

Last week UK HealthCare's Medicare Advisory Group met to discuss health care reform and to review a video of the new emergency department for the UK Chandler Hospital.

Bill Gombeski, the Director of Strategic Marketing for UK HealthCare served as the host and facilitator.  Matt Proud who is one of the RN's in the Emergency Department was on hand to help field questions and answers from this very attentive group.  Matt did an outstanding job and the audience was very impressed by his excitement and pride that he has in the new facility.  Pictured below are Bill Gombeski, Matt Proud and Rosemary Woodruff (also from marketing) taking suggestions as the group discussed how UK HealthCare could be more responsive to the needs of seniors. Notice the list of suggestions.  I totally agree with the "larger print" suggestion.

Later that same day I was asked to complete a questionnaire at a local restaurant and I had to check the box "age 55 and above." There was not an older age bracket!!! I guess that puts me closer to this Medicare bracket than I realized.

At the end of the meeting I gave the group an update on health care reform.  The discussion was indeed lively and we agreed to continue these discussions over the weeks and months ahead as the details of health reform become a reality!  Stay tuned!





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