"Serving Kentucky and Beyond" Message makes it to Denver, Colorado

Published 06-30-2010 8:24 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


State University Academic Medical Center Roundtable 

Last week several of us from UK HealthCare attended the annual meeting of the National Association of Public Hospitals in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Karpf had the opportunity to give a presentation on the strategic plan for UK HealthCare, which showcased the accomplishments of the last five years and also outlined our plans for the future. You can see from the photo above, Dr. Karpf proudly showed the map that depicts UK HealthCare stretching to serve a market for subspecialty care across the entire state of Kentucky as well as the border counties in adjacent states.

John O'Brien, President and CEO of University of Massachusetts Memorial Health Care, presented during the same session with Dr. Karpf.  As many of you know the state of Massachusetts has already implemented many of the provisions of the national health reform plan.  As Mr. O'Brien put it, "Massachusetts is the canary in the coal mine" for health care reform.  Mr. Obrien's presentation brought to light some of the possibilities of reduced funding and other challenges which may be ahead of us as the national health reform moves into the implementation phase.

We are very fortunate that the strategic planning process for UK HealthCare has already prepared us to be planning for efforts such as partnering with other providers, looking at ways to improve our efficiency and lower costs while at the same time improving the quality of care that we provide.  This is what I call the "value proposition" which is inherent to the health reform process.

Dr. Karpf was not the only UK HealthCare person to receive attention at the National meeting.  Dr. Jay Zwischenberger, Chair of the Department of Surgery, "brought the house down" when he played his harmonica with the band at the banquet on Thursday night.  He actually received a standing ovation!

Check out the picture below of "Dr. Z" playing with the band.  Also pictured below are many of my friends from the staff of the National Association of Public Hospitals and other related organizations who simply wanted to have their pictures on the Birdwhistell Blog!!!!




 Dr. Karpf's break out session.  


Dr. Jay Zwischenberger bringing down the house with the band! 






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