"Women, It's About You" Conference

Published 06-25-2010 2:47 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

UK HealthCare recently hosted a women's event called, "Women, It's About You." And as we all know, that is a true statement! This was the second year for this event and what a success! We had a waiting list last year and were able to accommodate more people this year for a total of around 500 people. With a wide array of health screenings, health information and vendors selling everything from books to jewelry, this years event was truly was all about the women! The speakers this year were once again fantastic. Dr. Leslie Crofford welcomed the crowd and discussed advancing women's health. She focused on the importance of wellness and prevention at all ages, which is an important component of health reform. For women AND men, managing stress, maintaining a sleep routine, eating fruits and vegetables and exercising are all ways to be healthy and stay healthy.

Another speaker was Dr. Alison Bailey, a cardiologist at the UK Gill Heart Institute. She discussed cardiovascular disease among women and how to live a balanced life of prevention. Women were thoroughly engaged and many were even taking notes. What was astonishing and sometimes gets overlooked is that heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the world and US. Below is a picture of the group listening to her and to Dr. Katie Ballert, assistant professor of surgery in Urology at UK. Urological issues was another hot topic. These are just two speakers from a lineup of physicians that work at UK and show the quality of physicians we have on the UK HealthCare team.

Results and feedback has now started to come in. I am happy to report that Urban Active (one of the vendors present) signed 10 new memberships as a result, Plastic Surgery has scheduled numerous appointments and this is just the beginning! Congratulations to Lisa Greer, Tanya Wray and the other team members that organized and executed such a great event! Below are a few pictures of the event.  


L to R: Melissa Hounshell, Becky Martin and Tanya Wray 




One of many vendors: Two Chicks & Company 

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