Denver Health Leads the Way!

Published 06-24-2010 9:11 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


The National Association of Public Hospitals had its annual meeting in Denver, Colorado this week. Denver is the home of Denver Health, a nationally recognized integrated health care system, renowned for its mission and quality. As part of the annual meeting, I had the opportunity to attend a day long seminar which was held on the campus of Denver Health. I was very excited to have the opportunity to visit the campus to observe Denver Health in person. Check out the pictures above and below from the visit to their campus.

We heard from their CEO, Dr. Patricia Gabow, whom I consider to be an icon and pioneer in the world of public hospital integrated development systems. Dr. Gabow is very proud of their adoption of the LEAN methodology as a way of "saving lives, saving money and saving jobs" as a quality improvement effort. Also pictured below is UK HealthCare's Penne Allison as she had a follow up discussion with Dr. Gabow after her presentation to the group.

The results of Gabow's leadership speak for themselves. 

Denver health :

  • has the best trauma survival rate in the nation at 95 percent

  • has overall mortality which is one of the lowest of all academic centers in the nation

  • is frequently the award recipient on cost and quality initiatives from national associations


It was very reassuring to observe that UK HealthCare is following along similar paths in the pursuit of excellence in health care delivery as we pursue our vision of becoming a national leader as an integrated delivery system.


L to R: Penne Allison, UK HealthCare and Dr. Patricia Gabow, Denver Health 



 Denver Health Medical Center 




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