Tri-State REC holds a blockbuster event to educate physicians about HIT

Published 06-24-2010 10:02 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


The Kentucky participants at the Tri-State REC kick-off hosted by HealthBridge.

HealthBridge, a not-for-profit health information exchange organization, held a conference last week to tell physicians to forget all the paper.  

Roughly 300 physicians and practice staff attended the kickoff to learn more about the initiatives of the newly launched Tri-State Regional Extension Center (REC), which includes participants from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. The goal of the REC is to help medical professionals transition from paper records to state of the art information technology.


The Tri-State REC is funded by a federal grant from the Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator with $9.7 million in hopes of bringing Electronic Medical Records to more than 1,700 physicians.

Physicians in northern and northeastern Kentucky, southwestern Ohio and southeastern Indiana are eligible to take part in the program. State Officials from the Ohio Governors Office, The Indiana Family and social services administration and the Ohio's governors office were all in attendance. 


The University of Kentucky is a proud partner of this initiative, managing 13 counties in Kentucky for the Tri-State REC. As I posted earlier this year, UK has also received a direct grant to manage another 91 counties in Kentucky as part of this multi-million dollar program. The Kentucky Regional Extension Center is led by our chief medical information officer, Dr. Carol Steltenkamp, along with Dr. Carol Ireson, Dr. Martha Riddell and Rob Edwards. Look out for some exciting things to come out of our team to help bring medical information technology to physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in our Commonwealth.

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