Health Reform is as easy as "One plus One"

Published 06-23-2010 3:48 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  



As the title states and as my picture above indicates, health reform is as easy as one plus one. Well, that might be an overstatement, but after presenting health reform and the impact it will have on academic medical centers I have gotten it down to an art. I explain just the facts and discuss how health reform will impact UK HealthCare, providers and patients. I like to present the information in a way that people understand it and feel informed rather than fearful of what the media can sometimes portray. The pictures above were taken at the Kentucky Black Caucus of local elected officials at their annual spring summit.

A few key points that I would like to highlight are listed below:

  • There are two types of reform: coverage expansions and delivery system reforms

  • There will be increased coverage projected to cover 32 million additional individuals (94% US; 83% currently are covered)

  • There will be a mandate that everyone obtain coverage OR pay a fine

  • Changes will occur in the health insurance market such as:

    • No maximum lifetime dollar limit

    • Not able to deny children with pre-existing conditions

    • Prohibit cancelling coverage if you get sick


Another event revolving around health reform is pictured below. This was the Health Enterprises Network, "Where Now? Strategic Navigation of Healthcare Reform." Now for those of you that know me and received the nice glossy mailing for this event, you probably already know that the coolest part about this event was the fact that my name was featured on the front of the glossy! It was a great event featuring Tom Scully, former administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) with myself and Bill Altman, Chief Strategy Officer for Kindred Healthcare. We shared some lively debate around the role of Medicaid. Moving forward we all agreed that the healthcare system must cooperate with each of its moving parts (payers, hospitals, providers, etc.) in order to be successful. Stay tuned for more on the Mark D. Birdwhistell health reform discussion and information!  


L to R: Mark D. Birdwhistell, UK HealthCare and Mark Hebert, University of Louisville 


Morning presenters - Bill Altman, Kindred Healthcare; Tom Scully, Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe; Mark D. Birdwhistell, UK HealthCare

Moderator - Mark Hebert, University of Louisville
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