CHA Health WAS Good!

Published 06-21-2010 8:25 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


Last weekend a very special event took place at Shillito Park here in Lexington.  There was a reunion for staff and their families who previously worked for the managed care organization known as CHA Health.

CHA Health was created in the mid 1990's by the UK Medical Center and five other hospital systems in central, northern and eastern Kentucky.  This was the initial step in the creation of an "integrated delivery system."  I had the privilege of serving as the CEO of CHA Health from May of 1998 until January of 2004. 

Last Saturday approximately 75 of the CHA Health "family" got together to share great food and memories of the times we shared at CHA.  It was so good to reconnect with folks that I had not seen since I left in January 2004.

For those of you who have been following the national Health Care Reform activities, one of the new approaches envisioned in the world of reform is "Accountable Care Organizations" which bring together providers to focus on providing quality health care. I couldn't help but think about how CHA could be considered an early demonstration of an accountable care approach.

One of the marketing slogans we used in the CHA days was "CHA Health - Change is Good!"  The advertisements featured an adorable red haired little girl (not my daughter) reciting this slogan.  The cake (pictured above) displayed a version of this slogan- CHA Health- Change Was Good!  I prefer to shorten the slogan to summarize what I feel all of those in attendance would say: CHA Health -  Was Good!!



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