University Health Care Committee Retreat "Growing to Serve Kentucky and Beyond"

Published 06-17-2010 10:53 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


On June 7, the University Health Care Committee, formerly known as the University Hospital Committee, of the University Board of Trustees met for their annual retreat. Each year the committee (plus guests) meets at the Keeneland Race Track and embarks on a full day of presentations. This year we once again had a great lineup of speakers and very informative presentations.

First up was Jim Field, General Manager, with The Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC. His presentation, Toward Accountable Care Imperatives for the Future Health Care Market, was eye opening and really got to what is in store for the future of health care. This was a great way to start off the day and got a lot of attention from the group.

Next Dr. Karpf discussed our results from the 2004 strategic plan, UK HealthCare Growing to Serve Kentucky. The tasks at this time were to 1) develop a vision, 2) engage all constituencies and 3) organize an appropriate operational model. The vision was to bring together financial planning, facilities planning, strategic planning and academic planning and communicate to everyone from the Board of Trustees to employees. Our outreach efforts were primarily focused within the state lines. Then Dr. Karpf proceeded to discuss strategic planning moving forward and the new focus of advancing to serve the health care needs of Kentucky and beyond. Our market boundaries have crossed state lines into surrounding states. In order to be a destination for advanced subspecialty care we must have a large enough geographical expansion to ensure access to a large enough population. For example the national average for kidney transplantation is 56 kidney transplants per million population. For UK HealthCare to have a program averaging 120 kidney transplants per year, we must have access to over two million people.

During the next few hours we heard from physicians leaders in our various service lines. I am always impressed with the level of expertise and passion that our clinical leaders have for their areas of expertise.  

The last presenter was Tom Roberston with the University Health Consortium. He presented the results of an analysis of how UK HealthCare compares with other academic medical centers. It was nice to hear that UK compares favorably with other larger Academic Health Centers. As you can see from the following Herald Leader article, we are becoming a top regional medical center as we expand our ability to care for the most complex illnesses. UK HealthCare is becoming a top regional hospital in the Midwest and Southeast part of the nation. 


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