UK Martin School of Public Policy & Administration and NAPH Partner on Reform

Published 04-16-2010 9:46 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


As an alumnus of the UK Martin School of Public Policy & Administration, I was proud to sit on a panel with its director, Dr. William Hoyt, and one of my DC friends Shawn Gremminger from the National Association of Public Hospitals. The three of us partnered with UK HealthCare's own Mark Armstrong to provide a tele-conference to 10 sites across Kentucky regarding health-care reform and its impact on hospitals. We hoped to provide a Kentucky flavor on the reform legislation which passed, and also allow the audience to earn credits for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). This was the very first time that I had participated in an on-line panel discussion which had participants from multiple sites.  The discussion and the question and answer period which followed were very interesting.  I understand that the turnout for this event was one of the largest ever for our Kentucky ACHE group. I think this is a reflection of the interest level for this subject matter.  I really enjoyed participating in this event with my colleagues from the Martin School and the NAPH.   Speaking of "reflections" I do have to admit that I am a bit concerned about the how I appeared on camera since the video camera  was angled down from the ceiling. For some reason I don't think this is my best camera angle! 


Here I am on the panel with Dr. Hoyt from the UK Martin School and Shawn Gremminger from NAPH. Check out the screen behind us where 10 sites across the state watched our presentation.  


We had a nice audience at the host site. This event was led by Mark Armstrong. No one ran for the big exit sign, so I think we did ok! 

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