President Todd Goes to UK "Mini-Med School"

Published 04-06-2010 9:01 AM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

Many of the folks I work with these days look at me with a blank face when I talk about the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Granted, it did come out even before I was born but I always think of it when I take the direct flight to DC for UK. Last week, I thought of that movie (and hence the heading for this blog) when President Lee Todd, First Lady Patricia Todd, UK Board of Trustee members and several other VIPs attended UK College of Medicine's Mini Medical School Class of 2010 - Spring.

This is the second mini-med school and again the feedback was excellent! 


UK President Lee Todd, PhD becomes a MD for the day, under the supervision of Dr. Patrizio Capasso.  


UK Mini Medical School Class of 2010 - Spring: Front row, left to right: Susan Richey, JJ Jackson, Pamela Mathis-Yon, Ann Haney, Jo Hern Curris, Jack Baugh, Leslie Geoghegan, Myra Tobin, Janice Blythe and Kathryn McMullen. Back row, left to right: Harry Richart, Virginia McGregor, Joe Ardery, Sandy Patterson, Bo Henry, Ruth Webb, Amelia Crutcher, Karen Schenkenfelder, John Schenkenfelder, Penelope Brown, Lee Todd, Jr., Patricia Todd, Suzanne Elliott, James L. Elliott and Dean Jay Perman. 



UK First Lady Patricia Todd and Dr. Carmel Wallace with a family in the Kentucky Clinic.  


Dr. Todd and Dr. Capasso "prep" for surgery.  


Dr. Andy Vann shares with his class a patient simulator.  


 UK College of Medicine Dean Jay Perman, MD with his class. 


Jo Hern Curris and Penelope Brown receive their tuition bill at the end of the day.  

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