Health Enterprises Network Board Meets to Discuss the Realities of Health Care Reform

Published 03-29-2010 2:31 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

Last Friday, I attended my first meeting as a member of the Health Enterprises Network (HEN) Board of Directors.  It was an early morning breakfast meeting in Louisville after the late night Sweet 16 game. Of course, the initial part of the Board meeting was spent on re-capping the highlights of UK's victory. Not surprisingly, this was somewhat difficult for the U of L fans in attendance.  This board is composed of the health care business and clinical leaders from the Louisville area.  I am pleased to join the board to represent UK HealthCare's state-wide missions of research, education and clinical care.

The agenda was an interactive discussion of the realities associated with the health care reform legislation recently passed in Washington, D.C. These health care leaders are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for the administrators in Washington to roll out the regulations that will implement these changes.  It was apparent that the impacts of this legislation are being closely analyzed by these executives. As much as I have analyzed this legislation in recent months, I learned additional implications from the points raises by the other board members.  Check out the pictures below of the board during the discussion phase of the meeting.

The consensus of the group was that despite the recent uncertainty and extensive debates, health reform is now a reality and it is the "law of the land."  This legislation will indeed be a "sea change" for all of us involved in the business of health care.  The impact of this legislation will be significant from a clinical delivery system perspective as well as an economic development standpoint.  One point that we all agreed on was that the future of health care will involve extensive collaboration of payers, providers, regulators and business leaders as the provisions of this massive legislation are phased in over the coming years. 



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