SEC Champs!

Published 03-17-2010 4:32 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

Even though it is Wednesday (Happy St. Patrick's Day) it is never too late to talk about how exciting the SEC Tournament was this past weekend!  I have been to a lot of basketball games over the years, but the championship game was something else. The quiet anticipation leading up to the final minutes of the game and Cousin's shot which sent the game to overtime that caused the crowd to explode into non-stop cheering for 5 minutes. The energy was electric and contagious and I'm not usually one to stand and cheer so much! Congratulations Coach Calipari and the UK Men's Basketball Team!

As I was thinking about this blog posting I was trying to think of what pictures I could post and my tie in to UK HealthCare. Then I saw the Lexington Herald Leader advertisement featuring our Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Specialists. Not only is this a cool ad (see below) but these specialists are top-notch. I thought the placement of this ad was perfect- below the NCAA bracket.

Maybe the luck of the Irish will be with us as travel the road to the Final Four... Happy St. Patrick's Day!








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