UK HealthCare Sponsors Louisville Event on Health Innovation

Published 03-04-2010 2:44 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  


David Jones, Sr. giving his remarks 

Last week Health Enterprises Network (HEN) hosted another fantastic event with a focus on innovation. When the event was first scheduled, HEN was hoping to have a panel discussion about the growth opportunities in Kentucky for biotechnology and innovative clinical therapies. While that was still part of the program, it gave me great joy to hear David Jones, Sr, the founder of Humana, Inc. in Louisville, give his take on Congressional efforts to reform health care.

Mr. Jones founded Humana in 1961, and he has led the company through many transformations - nursing homes, hospitals (and the artificial heart), and finally health insurance. Mr. Jones urged Congress to simplify health care reform, and offered his top 10 ways to improve the reform efforts and turn a 2,000 page bill into a 50 page piece of legislation. You can find his top 10 list here: 

The rest of the program did return to the subject of innovation and UK's name came up several times. After an introduction from my friend Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO of SHPS / Carewise, four panelists discussed the state of biomedical companies in Kentucky and how they are innovating.  The panelists included Dr. Robert Falk, the founder of 3DR Labs, Steve Gailar, president and CEO of MetaCyte (which has invested in at least two UK start-ups), Kris Kimel from KSTC, and Raja Rajamannar of Humana.  Jean West helped the audience ask the panelists and Mr. Jones some piercing questions about the health care industry.  Again, congratulations to HEN on a well done event for the health care industry in Kentucky.


Rishabh Mehrotra giving his remarks
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